February 8, 2019

Insomnia Remedies

Having trouble getting decent night sleep? Most people can handle the odd night or two without a full eight hours of sleep. If your insomnia carries on for too many nights in a row, then some good insomnia remedies will be in order. You need to get at least six or seven hours of sleep if you are an adult. Not to mention, health related problems that can occur for not getting enough sleep.
Here are a few simple things you can do to ensure your sleep is a restful and revitalizing experience.

How many times have you rolled over at 3am wide awake and stared at the clock? It’s a constant reminder of the fact that you’re failing to sleep. Get rid of it. Or at least unplug it, and stick it in a drawer. It’s really not helping. If you’re worried about not having an alarm clock, put it in the next room, and turn up the alarm.

Don’t start doing your taxes in bed 😉 Or anything kind of thinking that requires brain power. Just keep telling yourself it’s time to sleep, and the taxes can wait till the morning.

Your body is very sensitive to light and dark, and knows that light means get up, and dark means go to sleep. If it means wearing one of those goofy looking sleep masks, or getting darker drapes and blinds, then do it. If you’re a shift worker, then this is essential.

A positive mental outlook can be very effective in helping you to fall asleep. So can a negative one. If you go to bed thinking “I’ll never fall asleep”, then you’re probably right. If however, you go to bed thinking “I’m going to sleep like a baby after a big meal”, then you probably will. I think it was Henry Ford, that said something like “It doesn’t matter whether you believe you can do something or not either way your right.

The Best Insomnia Remedies

Another neat trick to get yourself to fall asleep, is to get one of those sleep educating CDs. There quite a few of them out there, that makes great insomnia remedies. They play soothing music and sound effects specifically designed to help people fall asleep. They’re usually pretty inexpensive, and are worth it if they get you a full night’s sleep. They also work well with all of the other techniques discussed here.

Natural cure of insomnia. There are a lot of natural elements and therapies which are better than the use of drugs and medicines because it has side effects. Muscle exercise, yoga therapies, use of natural herbs, use of vitamins and many other things are helpful in natural cure of insomnia but these procedures take a lot of time to recover. Several therapies and elements such as yoga, breathing inhale and exhale, proper diet, Hydrotherapy, Acupressure, acupuncture, use of vitamins and minerals, Aromatherapy and Ayurveda are used for insomnia solution. all these natural elements augment the sleep rate. Several minor things like fresh air, dim lighted room, comfortable bed and use of milk and proper diet help to solve insomnia problem